Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site, Operation aborted

Just a bit of Google-fodder here. One of my Drupal-based sites started generating weird errors in IE recently. “Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site, Operation aborted”. Whaaa? The error prevented the page from loading and made the page unusable. Lame. Don’t we love IE?

Anyway, I thought I’d add my solution to the hive.  Inspired by reports of conflicting javascripts (notably SWFObject) causing this problem, I realized that the problem started occurring near to the time at which I enabled the “Lightbox” Drupal module.  I disabled the module and everything worked like a charm.  Using defer=”defer” didn’t work reliably since SWFObject does, in fact, write to the body.

For now, this works.  However, it’s not a good long term solution… Any thoughts on how to get SWFObject and Lightbox to play nicely together?